1-Credit Graduate Course Option

Welcome to Media Literacy Design, a 12-hour fully online course that will help you to extend the ideas and excitement you’ve garnered at the Northeast Regional Media Literacy Conference. Comprised of digital design video tutorials, visual design models, readings, and project-based learning, you will apply essential concepts, techniques, and skills to compose about media using the commonly-accepted conventions of the digital age.

This course will build on the concepts that inspired you during the Northeast Regional Media Literacy Conference. Students who took Lesley Bogad’s summer Digital Media Literacy course (CURR 550/CURR 501) and examined the theoretical and practical foundations of media texts are also welcomed to join in.

Media literacy design is a multifaceted, keenly conscious, and highly persuasive medium. Hands-on learning in this course will provide the technical skills to put your voice out there in our new digital culture, while critical readings and assignments will offer the cognitive skills to understand it. Instead of being passive consumers of media texts, we will become the producers who make the media messages.

The course is CURR 580 -70 and is offered through Rhode Island College. Contact the Records Office to register. Also, please feel free to contact the instructor, Dr. Carolyn Fortuna, for additional information about the syllabus or help with registration.